ActionScript 3 has a keyword static that turns methods, fields, getter and setter into class members (not instance members).

It is a useful feature in languages as Java, where you have no top level functions and variables (btw. in JavaFX static is deprecated).

AS3 has both – static members and top level functions/variables (as JavaFX), so it is kind of an overkill in my opinion.

If you want to have a structural aggregation you can put all top level functions/variables in a special package.

For example there is a convention in CoreLibrary for constant carriers (have a look at the “StageAlign” class in “flash.display” package).

These carriers represent the possible input values for a property of a class. In the case of “StageAlign” it is the property “align” of the class “Stage”. (btw. FDT has a special auto completion for this conventional constant carriers)

It is possible to place all these constants in a package “flash.display.Stage” so you don’t have to write :

“StageAlign.LEFT” but just “ALIGN_LEFT” for example.

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