I am proud to present the V2 of my one and only iOS App that made it into AppStore :) .

I experimented a lot during the years with iOS. But there is always the gap between project and product.
A product needs at least an icon. And there you starting to think about a designer. Then you looking in AppStore if maybe someone else had the same idea and more time to develop it better and so on…

Anyway V2 is up and running, it is tuned for Retina Display and works only on iOS 4.1.
It is Portrait and Landscape based. In Portrait mode you have the puzzle and controls in landscape it is all about puzzle.

Also an interesting point. In first version I let the user adjust the number of columns and the gap.
But I cached myself that I never play around with this things. Normally you have something selected and you are just exploring photos from flickr by solving the puzzle.
So in V2 I made just 4 possible puzzle variations and it is also playing nicely with Apples GameCenter LeaderBoards.

Another thing that user were asking for was the ability to play offline – with the photos from there own.
An interesting technical part in this feature was that the photos made by iPhone4 are pretty big and I had a performance problem with them.
Thanks to this post:

I was able to scale the photos. Wouldn’t think that it is so complicated in UIKit.

Any way it’s up and running, enjoy if you have an iDevice :)


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