When I worked in FDT Project I was always thinking about a contributor program, so when I leaved Powerflasher I arranged to start an OpenSource project for FDT. http://code.google.com/p/fdt-os/

And here is the first born out of this arrangement.

The Idea:
I was always interested in Software Metrics. I think it is a very strong instrument to improve your design, and detect code smell. Pflection gives you the possibility to reflect on your code (project) directly in your IDE. It also provides you with possibility to navigate to this code smells and think about refactoring :) .

So at the moment it is still work in progress I implemented only a few metrics, but it is more to go. And maybe I will start a parallel Project for JDT.

PS: If you want to try it out, navigate to this URL download the jar file and place it in your FDT/Eclipse “dropins/plugins” folder.

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  2. Hey Max,

    first for everyone who wants to try it: Copy the .jar into FDT/dropins. Then open FDT and go to Window>Show View>Other… and type in “Pflection”

    Max this is awesome! Just tried it and it perfectly works!
    On some projects I had to do a Clean before it was working.
    The presentation of the values is very nice and intuitive, the only thing I’m missing in the view are vertical lines between the columns, but maybe this is just on the Mac?

    I especially like the average Method lines of code, then clicking on it and see, where the “big” methods are and refactor them. Great!

    Keep on this great work on the plugin and let us know about new features!


  3. Hi Max,

    great work! For refactoring it really helps a lot to get a feeling for the right spot to start.


    @Michael: the vertical lines aren’t shown any longer on SWT Cocoa.

  4. Thank you guys. The UI is still work in Progress but I hope it is usable.

    By the way today I added reference metric.

  5. Great Work, I’ve installed the Metrics plugin a while a go but it didnt work together with FDT. And now you’ve created Pflection, good timing!

  6. Thanks :)
    I also worked with Metrics plugin for JDT. With Pflection I want to create not only a visualization tool but also a navigation help. So you can directly see and navigate to problematic peaces of code.

  7. Hi Max :)

    first of all, thanks for this great plugin. It really makes it much easier now to find bad smell and measure the complexity of a project. I am also impressed by the performance of the plugin. Even on large projects you can dig through the code very easily without waiting for the plugin to compute :) That’s really cool!
    I also like the way you display the data. It’s very compressed and I very much like that you reused the FDT Icons! However, on Mac-Carbon there are no vertical lines between the lists – but I am not if they are needed.

    I could not get the plugin run by putting it into the dropins folder of my Eclipse PDE – not know why. But I could run it by checking out Pflection into the FDT workspace and then launch it, which I prefer anyhow :)

    I would have posted one bug and one feature request to google code, but it is currently “read-only”. Therefore I’ll post it here:

    - The name of nested classes is not displayed

    - If the project is not build, there should be another message… like “Project is not build” and perhaps a “Build now!” Button :)

    Great work, Max :) Glad that you made it!

    Cheers, Nico

  8. Oh … I should make Bug area open for postings.

    Nico thanks for the flattering words. The UI is not quite done and the code is also quick and dirty ;)

    I suggest I will create a special LableProvider because the general FDTLabel provider does not suits 100%.

    By the way I wanted to add Cyclomatic Complexity ;)

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