A good friend of mine is working on encryption technology that let you protect your applications from decompilation.

It is not a typical obfuscation approach that just tries to make your code unreadable. It is encryption on binary level. This means that not only your code is completely encrypted but also the assets that are shipped within your application bundle.

Another interesting aspect of the BIS Guard approach is that the decryption is keyless. This means that it is impossible for tools (decompilers) to break the binary encryption. I also not sure if a skilled hacker may break the protection. My friend sad, he never met one (even for money).

The technology was first implemented in Java and now there is RC1 for Flash/Flex.
Flash Antidecompiler™ is an AIR application which creates a secured swf file from any SWF file you choose.

If you are interested visit the homepage of BIS Guard: http://www.bisguard.com/flash.html

The link to free download of Flash Antidecompiler™ is also provided there.

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