I was playing around with jQuery a bit and created a small app as example app.

It is a simple editor for pixel animation art.

Features implemented yet:

- Create a board with custom number of columns and rows.
- Drawing on board with four colors.
- Change drawing color.
- Push rows or columns around by clicking on board border.
- Add, clone delete and fill a board.
- Switch from one board to other.

Features to come:
- Persistance
- Board expansion
- …

and here is the URL: http://rlights.bomzhi.de/

It is an interesting concept.
Document is a Tree.
A tree is an undirected graph in which any two vertices are connected by exactly one simple path. (Wikipedia)

Means that Graph based Databases must be more expressive than Document based.



I made some JavaScript research lately. Mostly for testing and QA.

Here are some outcomes:

The Mess behind JavaScript:
now I also understand why ActionScript !== JavaScript

Best Testing framework in my opinion.
Jasmine and Maven

Hello world and everybody who would like to read about ActionScript language paradigm, iPhone development and maybe some other stuff. Have fun.

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